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im drunk.

im auntie.

i still love troy.

he said he wouldnt get serious with his bitch. he cant. he wont. that its me i should be serious with.

i got into an argument with my dude on friday. kicked him out. was mad at him, stayed mad him. but im lettin him come over tonite. i dont like being lonely.

we called lyle. his wife answered the phone. hahahahaha.

im sweating. its hot.

nate was gettin butt ass naked for the cougars. and it was hot. i dont do or like white boys but damn i would fuck him.

mike tried to fuck me friday. tried to rub on my pussy after i kicked Roc out and was passed out in bed. i told him he could sleep in my bed but no funny shit. so he left my bedroom.

i still havent fucked roc. im drunk. i am lettin him come over tonite and i look a hot mess. no makeup and im in my jammies.

i have to work in the mornin.

sharon had the baby. both are fine. im a auntie.

thank god not a mom. i would suck as a mom.

i need to catch up on lj but just havent found the time. sorry.

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I think you would be an excellent mom. If I had a kid, I would totally let you babysit. And look at Pepsi- she had a better birthday than lots of kids my loser friends have.

You are too kind to me girl!

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