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im drunk.

im auntie.

i still love troy.

he said he wouldnt get serious with his bitch. he cant. he wont. that its me i should be serious with.

i got into an argument with my dude on friday. kicked him out. was mad at him, stayed mad him. but im lettin him come over tonite. i dont like being lonely.

we called lyle. his wife answered the phone. hahahahaha.

im sweating. its hot.

nate was gettin butt ass naked for the cougars. and it was hot. i dont do or like white boys but damn i would fuck him.

mike tried to fuck me friday. tried to rub on my pussy after i kicked Roc out and was passed out in bed. i told him he could sleep in my bed but no funny shit. so he left my bedroom.

i still havent fucked roc. im drunk. i am lettin him come over tonite and i look a hot mess. no makeup and im in my jammies.

i have to work in the mornin.

sharon had the baby. both are fine. im a auntie.

thank god not a mom. i would suck as a mom.

i need to catch up on lj but just havent found the time. sorry.

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Congrats on being an Aunt!!!!!!!!!

TBT, I dont think that i am goin to get that excited till she gets older. i mean she is not my baby and so i cant get as excited as jeff and sharon.

I think you would be an excellent mom. If I had a kid, I would totally let you babysit. And look at Pepsi- she had a better birthday than lots of kids my loser friends have.

You are too kind to me girl!

congrats on becoming an aunt. glad your sister and the baby are doing good.

Congratulations new auntie!

Congrats on being an Auntie and glad to hear baby and Sharon are doing good! Can't wait to see some pics and find out more about the baby ")

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